What is the project?

This project consists of written visual accounts of wellbeing. Your submission will recall an event or events in which you felt wellness. The accounts are submitted through this forum, and then curated in blog form as an ongoing social visual witness that is accessible to the greater social sphere.

What is Health? is a response to the state of not only healthcare in the US, but the current models of defining wellbeing. Health is often only considered when it reaches emergency, and this is a fundamental issue that contributes to not only a widespread misunderstanding of the role of health in modern life, but also a deficit in more day-to-day perception of being well.

What does WIH hope to accomplish?

This project hopes to prompt the individual to better define wellbeing for themselves, by using writing to attune to specific personal environments of wellbeing. That is, to practice knowing it when you see and feel it. The project aims to restore more manageable and realistic practices regarding personal accountability by making health central to life. 

What are the parameters or format of this project? 
What are some examples?

The parameters:

  • The account has to be written, visual in description and no more than one page long, but can also be a sentence or a few words.
  • The account is not so much a list of “I did this” or “this made me feel happy or sad” but what it looks like when you are experiencing a state of wellness. What is around you, who is there, what is happening, what do you feel and where do you feel it in your body, what does it smell like, how does it feel in your hands, how does the expression look on your face?
  • Limit one account per person, to keep the project accessible to others.

  • Your account can look like anything.
  • A personal example is enclosed as a link at the bottom of this page.


Prompts for an account: Health is…

  • Your dog, your partner. Talk about what it looks like when you have the most peace of mind.
  • Spending time with family. Describe an experience that demonstrated for you a potent experience of wellness.
  • Getting acupuncture, going to the doctor, going for a walk, yoga.
  • Cooking a meal, going to the gym, meal prep.
  • 12 pills a day; you could delineate the pill regimen you have to take. 
  • A weekend retreat. 
  • A 50 hour work week.
  • Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains, seeing the Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State, traveling, staying at home. 
  • Moments in Prayer

  • Acceptance.

  • A poem.
  • An experience with your friends.

Note: the account can be how you cultivate wellness in the face of disease or a chronic health condition.. It can look like taking care of someone with a chronic condition, or caring for them in the end of life.

The project is not looking for right answers, or brainstorming ideas of better forms of healthcare, whether medicare-for-all or whatever else. 

will the information be used?

This project is more for you, than it is for me. With that said, you can submit your account and I can include it in the project, or it can remain between both of us. You can request to remain anonymous, or you can be named in your account. I would request that only first names would be necessary, and I will not be collecting full names either way. You also will reserve the right to have your submission retracted at any time and for any reason that is yours alone.

Why is this project important?

This project is important because it acts as a form of preventative health, the parameters of which are regularly set by and modified by you. It can minimize the sensory overwhelm of modern life.

Who am I, and why am I doing this project?

My name is Joshua Warren, and I am a licensed acupuncturist in Washington, DC. I moved to DC about two years ago to begin professional practice after graduating with my Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Asheville, NC. In the last two years, I have administered alternative healthcare to a diverse demographic of people in the District, working with variable health concerns, from cancer and diabetes, the common cold to low back pain, to general stress and anxiety to annihilating grief.

My investment in my patients, my friends, family and community, consists of making wellbeing a central motivating factor in their lives.

Please email submissions or questions regarding the project to:

I will follow-up with an email confirming that I’ve received your account.

I will request that any medical-specific questions and health concerns should be directed to your primary care practitioner.

A Personal Account example:

WIH – Morning Coffee